A few months ago, MagicStay.com, the short-term rentals platform dedicate to business travel, launched the Trustay approach. An answer to the increasing demand of safety from companies and their traveling employees.

On a voluntary basis, this approach is a commitment for both hosts and MagicStay.

1 – How can owners and rental agencies apply to it?

A – By signing the Trustay commitment, the host commits himself to list all the safety equipment in the apartment or villa.

B – All the perishable equipment must be replaced to be up to date.

C – Tenants privacy and private life must be protected.

D– A safety notice must be displayed in the accommodation. It lists the emergency numbers and offers an evacuation plan.

E – Hosts must comply with the legislation in force in their country or city.

2 – What does MagicStay commit to?

A – MagicStay insures all the owners on their property for any damage caused by a tenant from MagicStay, up to 1.5€M.

B – We commit to check all the ads, owners and rental agencies.

C – MagicStay always comply with the legislation in force and pay the due taxes.

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