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Being a world-city, London attract many business travelers. But, once the day is over, that the meetings have ended: what can a bored business traveler do?

Some ideas:

1 – Go to a nightclub

Not all the clubs in London are expensive, some are really affordable. And if you travel with your colleagues, it can be a good way to do some team-building and rediscover each other, out of the office.

2 – Do some shopping

The famous shopping center, Harrods, opens late (9p.m.).

A good way to stroll through the stalls in a more relaxed atmosphere than during day-hours.

3 – Go to a Museum

For the same reasons as for the shopping : the calm!

Many museums open late in London.


4 – Go to a concert

Did you really think that you could go to London without attending to any concert.

You were wrong! Book your ticket with our e-concierge app.

5 – Work out

After a long day working, breathe some fresh air in Hyde Park for a run. The park opens late: from 5am to midnight.

Or if you are more of a spectator : book tickets to go and support one of the local football teams.

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