Traveling for business takes some organization. Booking your tickets, your apartment … But another problem recurs: how to dress ? When traveling, there is a good chance that you’ll be limited in volume for your bags. Especially when you can only take a hand luggage.

By plane or train, wear your suit while traveling


Indeed, it is impossible that your costume won’t be creased if you put it in your suitcase. The best solution is to wear it.

You are afraid to stain it? In this case, remove your jacket and hang it on your seat. Or if travelling by train, use a hanger to hang it. Therefore you will free up space in your luggage.


Bring some casual clothes

On your trip, you will also have some relaxing time. So bring along dark jeans or chino pants in the same tones.

But also some casual shirts.

Indeed, you might enjoy some free time with your colleagues or business relationships. Still, Your outfit shall stay sober and flawless.


Why not some sports clothes?

In the same spirit of enjoying your free time, you might be doing some sport during your stay. And sportswear doesn’t take too much space in your luggage. So you have no excuse. As for the shoes, well if you pack your suitcase well, you can always find room for them.



Pack your suitcase well


At the bottom pants, neatly folded. Amidst your sweaters. Above the shirts, also folded carefully. All around, your underwears thus they’ll protect the rest of your things.

Do the same with all other non- fragile items (books, etc….).

Make sure that the bag is full and that the clothes cannot slide, they could wrinkle.

As for the toilet kit, make sure it is properly sealed and placed in the midst of your clothes to protect it.


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