For a long time, it was the indispensable companion for any serious traveler. But with the advent of the internet and tourist websites, the travel guide has somewhat lost its superb.

So, bye-bye tourist guide?

It is quite the reverse when one has in the hands the works of the publishing house Jonglez.

Taking note that digital tools now fulfill the task entrusted to its competitors, the guides of this collection have chosen to swim against the current by proposing books written by the locals for the visitors.

Gone are the excursions in crowded monuments, exhibitions with never-ending queues… The wise advice of the inhabitants will allow you to think outside the box and live like a local.


Travels guides written by the inhabitants

Tips, secret places, activities outside the common … the authors offer to you to live an original adventure in the cities that you will visit.

A way to rediscover cities, such as Paris, Barcelona, Rio or Washington DC, you thought you knew everything about!

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