As a business traveler, the business destinations are numerous, but the same ones come back very often: Paris, London, Barcelona, Berlin, etc. are cities known as busy business destinations. What would you say if your company sent you to a less familiar destination but much more original? 

That’s why today we present you a top 5 of the most original business destinations.


5- The Netherlands

In addition to tourism, which attracts eleven million people each year, the Netherlands also concern business travelers. Rotterdam, The Hague and Amsterdam are cities that are home to many Dutch and international companies. These cities in particular have large financial districts and offer great benefits for start-ups and SMEs.

You will appreciate the culture (the highest rate of museums per square meter in the world), the typical gastronomy of the country (cheese and beer) and the plains as far as the eye can see of the agricultural fields.


4- Poland

With an annual economic growth of 4% since the 1990s, Poland has developed a culture and an economy that today attract many companies. Thus, in the midst of new skyscrapers, one can attend many exhibitions (Euro lab, Green is life) and conferences that attract business travelers each year. Well served, the capital Warsaw, the economic capital Poznań or Cracow will probably be your destinations if you go to Poland.

You will discover historically and culturally rich cities where it is easy to find an accommodation and get around.


3- Israel

Israel is a new destination that attracts travelers from around the world and the French market. Indeed Israel received 1,085,000 French visitors in the first four months of 2017. This figure is explained by the strong growth of the two largest cities: Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

Tel Aviv is both a major economic and commercial center, a seaside resort and a vibrant city. Jerusalem is an extremely rich city culturally. It is notably one of the world capitals of cultural tourism and congresses.



2- Scotland

Scotland is not the first country we think about when traveling on business. And yet in Glasgow or Edinburgh conferences, seminars and other business meetings are very beneficial for the economy of Scotland. It is not for nothing that business tourism has brought 486 million euros to both cities in 2013. Scotland also has a very good airline accessibility, gastronomy and new alternative accommodations and hotels established for business tourism.

From a tourist point of view you can go through the Loch Ness, the Glencoe Valley or enjoy Celtic legends and Game of Thrones landscapes.


1- Estonia

In Eastern Europe, Estonia is a growing country on the European market. Recognized destination for tourism and beautiful landscapes, this country seeks to develop business tourism.

Tallinn, the capital, is the perfect example. The medieval-looking city is as modern as it is connected: free Wi-Fi, perfect English, museums, movie festivals, and many conferences.