A business trip does not always take place in safe places. Indeed, some countries or regions are not always completely secure or even risky. So what are the most dangerous business destinations?Today we have selected a top 5 of the most dangerous business destinations.

5- Barcelona

This may surprise you, but yes, Barcelona is in our top 5! The main reason is the abundance of pickpockets lurking on the streets. Indeed, if you make the mistake of dressing up as a tourist outside your business meetings, you risk losing your wallet by magic … To the point that the city is nicknamed “world capital of pickpockets “!

On a business trip, you will want complicated bags to open to wear on your belly and put your valuable things inside pockets to avoid any theft.


4- South Africa

South Africa is dangerous for its repeated crimes. Murder, sexual assault and armed robbery are commonplace for travelers. For your safety, observe the curfews and go out accompanied to deter the aggressors.

In between meetings, be careful when you go to the beach. Look closely at the color of the flag because the presence of white sharks in warm waters is common.

3- Mexico

From 2006 to 2011 Mexico was caught in a war of drug and narcotics traffickers that killed more than 47,000 people. Today, Mexico’s northern border is still unsecured and unaccompanied travelers can be the victims of armed robbery. For your information, avoid the regions near the northern border as Guadalajara, Mazatlan, Ciudad Juarez or Monterrey but also Acapulco on the Pacific coast.On the other hand if you are on a business trip to the Yucatan Peninsula, Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas, you will see beautiful Mayan ruins and secure beaches where life is good …

2- Caracas- Venezuela

Capital of Venezuela, Caracas is also known for its drug cartels and the many crises related to them. Moreover cartel goes very often with crime. Indeed Caracas suffers from many street crimes such as robberies, murders and sexual assaults which therefore makes the destination undesirable for a business trip. In 2012, Caracas was positioned at the top of the most dangerous capitals in the world with 122 murders per 100,000 inhabitants, not to mention the volatile political situation.

1- Karachi- Pakistan

In Pakistan, since 1980 and religious violence between Shiites and Sunnis, crime and inequality have developed and never ceased. Today, Karachi is at the center of major violence related to crimes (assassinations, gang warfare), terrorist attacks and permanent political instability.

Do not be too negative about this city. Karachi is also the economic capital of Pakistan. It brings together the largest companies in the country but also the University of Karachi which is one of the largest university centers of South Asia with no less than 80,000 students.