Receiving people at home, whether you are present or not, that’s somehow having the responsibility that the stay of the occupant goes well. In order to do that, you must consider their needs.

As for short-term rentals, one of the main elements interesting tenants is safety.

Some tips to reassure them.


Smoke detectors


Mandatory in many countries, you should make sure they are present in the apartment, and working.


Aid kit


It is a little something that can make the difference. Indeed, it’s annoying, for example, to cut yourself and not being able to find bandages and disinfectant.


Put away dangerous products


It is possible that tenants come with their families. And sometimes, young children. It is important to avoid storing cleaning products in closets accessible to smaller.


Prepare a complete security form


Have a paper summarizing the emergency numbers, emergency exits and other emergency services.

And even your own number. It is very reassuring for a tenant.


A house alarm


The presence of an alarm or even armored doors is a reinsurance guarantee for tenants who, as professionals, can sometimes carry valuables (computers, machines, etc …) .


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Doing so, you’ll be reinsuring future tenants that may choose your accommodation over an other.


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