Since its creation, has always been a partner for many business events, to offer short-term accommodation rentals to their visitors and exhibitors (apartments, villas, etc.)

But how is doing the sector nowadays, particularly in France?

An Unimev study offers some answers.

A growing business

Compared to other medias, fairs and business events do relatively well. Whereas Internet is growing fast among companies’ expenses in communications, the event business follows French GDP’s growth (+0,5% in 2015, for a 1,1% global growth).

So why this stability when other sectors, like print medias, go down?

Because it works!

According to a Médiamétrie study, the fairs and events’ contribution to sales revenue is of 30.5 billions euros for 2015, representing 17.5 millions contracts.

A paying investment for companies: this same study finds a ROI of twice the investment just after the event, and even 8 after 2 to 10 months.

For these reasons, the number of exhibitors grew a bit in 2015: +0,1%. Even though, you can notice a large disparity between the types of events.

For BtoB events, the growth was of 1,6%, when fairs saw a 0,4% decrease.

A decrease in visitors’ attendance


This loss being mainly due to Paris Attacks. Indeed, visitors were 12,1% less than a year before to come to events after the 13th of November (18% for the Paris region).

What is the occupation rate for exhibition centers, congress centers and stadiums?

This rate is 6 points above the year before. A good result that might have to do with the fact that it was an uneven year (the largest events being held on those years).

However, the “Fairs and Business Events” part represented less than in 2014 in the global occupation of French venues.

But still, it is the most lucrative for exhibitions centers: 49% of their revenue.

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