Within a company, the Compensation Benefits manager (Comp & Ben) is in charge of drawing up the salary policy in the broadest sense. While this function is more common in the United States of America, it is becoming increasingly necessary in France, particularly in the management of international mobility, which remains a real challenge for companies.

Comp & Ben manager: a complex and multifaceted role.

The Comp & Ben function requires more than one string to its bow. As both a manager of human resources and finance, in the company, the compensation and benefits manager also plays an advisory role, working jointly with the finance, general and sales directors as well as with the human resources managers.

The many tasks that fall to the Compensation Benefits Manager.

Overall, the objective of the Comp and Ben manager is to establish the company’s compensation policy. He is responsible for setting up a performance policy and is in charge of managing the compensation packages. This encompasses many aspects: he determines the fixed salaries of employees, manages the clauses of bonuses and benefits linked to provident and retirement schemes, all of which are based on the position and profile of each employee. In order to determine the fairest and most consistent compensation packages possible, it also takes into account the expectations of each employee according to the possibilities offered by the company. It also determines the benefits in kind such as telephone, computer, company cars, housing assistance, reimbursement of travel tickets, etc.

The Comp & Ben function, an asset for the company.

The role of the Comp and Ben manager is not limited to this. It is also his function to carry out audits and benchmark the salary policies practiced by competing companies in order to offer remuneration and benefits in line with those of the market, thus maintaining the company’s attractiveness in the eyes of employees. Thanks to the work of the Comp & Ben manager, employees receive a salary in line with their performance and requests, thus maintaining their involvement and motivation and consequently the company’s performance. Moreover, his role as both a human resources advisor and a numbers specialist is a significant asset in matters related to international mobility. Very often associated, or even assimilated, to the international mobility manager, he is also in charge of issues related to the remuneration of employees on short-term assignments, on long-term assignments, expatriates or impatriates. The management of housing made available to expatriates within a group is often laborious and rarely centralized. Extendeez® is a software dedicated to the management of housing for expatriates or employees on long term assignments. It allows you to centralize information, simplify management and ensure the security of these employees.

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Expatriates and impatriates: the challenge for Comp & Ben managers.

The evolution of companies’ performance development policies is leading employees to become increasingly mobile. More and more French people are moving abroad, particularly for professional reasons. For companies, these particular employees require a different understanding and a different management. Mobile employees are individual employees and each case must be studied individually.

Offer attractive prospects to mobile employees.

In many companies, the two business lines, Comp & Ben manager and international mobility manager, are brought together because the issues related to mobile workers are so numerous and complex. Once again, the role of the Compensation Benefits manager is multidimensional. He or she must both satisfy seconded or expatriate employees, make them want to leave by offering attractive prospects, but also make the company financially attractive to welcome new talent.

His or her objective is to implement a strategy that encourages mobility by offering attractive compensation packages that take into account all the factors likely to motivate or discourage employees from moving abroad. Among these numerous criteria are: the choice of the destination country and the cost of living there, the proposed salary and, above all, its revaluation, any compensatory bonuses and other benefits in kind such as health insurance, access to company housing or the cost of relocation, for example. It is also a question of proposing a real project and guarantees concerning the return of employees, i.e. what position will be offered to them and what reclassifications are possible. The Comp & Ben manager has to think about all these elements while establishing a cost management in adequacy with the company’s possibilities.

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As the international environment is extremely competitive, having a Comp & Ben manager is a real asset to gain in performance, both to attract new talent and to encourage mobility.

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