When talking about business destination, New York comes to mind right away. In the collective imagination, the city represents the triumphant globalized trade, the race to the highest skyscrapers …

But New York is not only reduced to its economic importance, the city also has much to offer to the traveler even for a short stay.

1 – A jog at Central Park

Nothing screams “New York” more than a jog in the largest park in the city. Immortalized in movies, series, books: this jogging is the fantasy of many business travelers addicted to running.

2 – A show in Broadway

Fan of musical comedy, of theater, and with some notions of English… This avenue in New York is home to a multitude of venues where the greatest success of the live show has been played for more than a century.

3 – Visit the Statue of Liberty

The most famous gift of history. A symbol of hope and immense opportunities, it was offered by the oldest ally of the United States: France. It would not come to anyone’s idea to come to New York without going there.

4 – Have a drink in Brooklyn

An emblematic place for gentrification, this district is today the global center of the hype, there developed a way of life that has invaded the whole world. Fascinating for some, repelling for others, this trendy neighborhood leaves no one indifferent.

5 – Wandering through museums

There are few cities in the world that can compete in New York in terms of museum concentration. The Moma or the Met are among the most famous. Because yes, relaxation can also rhyme with culture

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