In companies they are often among the most influential employees, they are assistants. Because of their closeness to senior managers and executives, they often have their ear and are not stingy with advice.

It is the people who take care of all the details, who allow others to carry out their mission by putting them in the best conditions.

The assistants have a wide variety of tasks: making appointments, managing the agenda, organising business travel logistics, correcting, layout, mail, etc. and the list is not exhaustive.

It is to meet their needs that every year, for 6 years, the Activ’Assistant exhibition at the Louvre carousel is held. On Thursday, September 17 and Friday, September 18, two days will be devoted entirely to the professions of assistant and secretary.

There will be suppliers, suppliers but also all the major professional associations.

There will also be numerous conferences and training courses in the form of workshops. An opportunity to discuss their profession but also to fill up with information.

Finally, a whole quarry space will welcome visitors with the mission to help them answer this question: “how to position yourself in the job market?”.

Magic Event Partner

We will be present with a booth where we will welcome visitors to present our product: accommodation for business trips. With a surprise for those who will come to meet us…


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