Whether you like to travel or not, it doesn’t change anything, there are situations that have the gift of playing with your nerves.

1 – Forgetting business

The fear of all travellers since always: to arrive on the spot and to realize its oblivion.

On holiday, it’s about forgetting your swimsuit or your ski suit.

On the go of business, it’s the forgetting of his laptop charger.

And there, two possibilities: the object is irreplaceable and we will have to do without. Or you’re going to have to buy one back and therefore spend money unnecessarily.

2 – Delays

You’re in a hurry. So you’re optimizing your travel time.

The problem is that sometimes not everything goes according to plan.

The plane is cancelled, the train delayed, and here’s all your schedule shredded. We will then have to shift appointments, check-in, etc. And all this while being in transit, so not really in the best conditions.

3 – Leaving with a colleague you don’t like

4 – Meetings that are too early or too late

Often, those who receive do not think of those who come.

They hold meetings in the early morning or late afternoon to be free for the rest of the day.

However, when you come from afar, it means: getting on a plane very early or very late. Or even, stay one night on site with the costs that this entails.

5 – Housing that doesn’t fit

Too noisy, poorly equipped, dirty, misplaced… There are many reasons not to be satisfied with his hotel room.

With MagicStay, make sure you have a short term rental that you choose from the photo. Our apartments are also located in the centre of business cities or close to convention centres.

Finally, a compliance guarantee will allow you to change accommodation within 24 hours in case of a problem.