Today, luggage is essential to business travel. However, they can very quickly become cumbersome. For example, a suitcase can be annoying if you plan to stay a very long time or simply if you have a meeting shortly after your arrival. You may have already had to free up a hotel room in the morning while you leave in the evening! In that case, what to do with your suitcases on the go?

The point of not cluttering up

It must have happened to you to find yourself in a meeting, a visit or a trade show with too much baggage on you. As a result:

  • you risk forgetting them or damaging them
  • you’re heavy and cluttered
  • They’re not safe.

These problems are too recurrent and annoy many travellers.


Innovative solutions from start-ups

Nannybag and Eelway are French start-ups created to keep your luggage through hotels, shops or “nannies” belonging to them. They have partnerships with AccorHotels, Mercure, Paris and Co and Novotel.

These start-ups allow you to enjoy your appointment or your day without taking care of your luggage.

These are kept in shops, hotels and other places 100% secure and only accessible by the company or by you. In addition, your luggage is sealed and insured and you can pick it up whenever you want.


Or drop them off and how’s it going?

These start-ups provide variable drop-off locations with the option to book up to 5 minutes previously. Once you have entrusted your luggage, you have the opportunity to follow it on their website. It is also possible to change the place where you want to pick it up or call the concierge responsible for your luggage.

So lightened safely, you can enjoy your day to the fullest!

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