Are you going on a business trip ?

Before you pack up quickly and head for the station or airport, it would be a good idea to prepare your business trip. Once there, it would be a shame to have to improvise, all because you didn’t organize yourself well enough in advance. So, to make your business trip a success and leave in complete serenity, here are all our tips!

First of all, check the validity of your identity papers!

1. Find out more about your destination.

Before you even get travel guides, go to the France Diplomatie website, under “Travel Advice”. You will then have access to essential information on your destination to best prepare your business trip: dangerousness and degree of security of the country, political situation, entry and stay formalities, health information (health risks, vaccines, costs in case of hospitalization, etc.), natural risks (hurricanes, seismic zones, etc.), activities to avoid, recommendations, useful contacts… This information is updated very regularly in order to avoid unpleasant surprises !

In addition, also consider registering on the Ariane site. Created by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development, it allows all French nationals to report to the Ministry for business travel or a one-off mission abroad. During your trip, if the situation in the country justifies it, you will be alerted by email or SMS of the information and safety instructions to be adopted if necessary.

2. Plan ahead to anticipate the unexpected and leave in complete serenity 

Your appointment is at 2:00 p. m. in Lisbon on Tuesday? It is then possible to take a flight in the morning without any problem, but never forget that the unexpected exists! Leave yourself some margin by checking that there are flights after the one you planned to take in case it is cancelled or if you miss it. To completely forget the stress, it would even be better to arrive the night before. Booking one more night is certainly a small additional cost but it will allow you to be in the best mood the next day. Generally speaking, the day before you leave, try to leave work early to have time to clear up all the small formalities and rest well to get out in good shape and relaxed. If you’re going to the other side of the world, here are some tips on how to manage jet lag and be efficient as soon as you arrive.

3. Consider taking out professional travel insurance 

Whether you go back and forth within the day for an appointment, stay in Asia for a few days to attend a trade show or train employees of the company for several weeks in Europe, don’t miss out on travel insurance, a glitch has happened so quickly! And as the saying goes, prevention is better than cure! Having a professional travel insurance is essential in particular to cover your health costs in case of accident, hospitalization, need for repatriation especially outside Europe, without which the costs would be exorbitant! If you work for a company, it is the company that is responsible for contracting it for its employee and reporting to social security the movements of its employees. If you are going to Europe, however, remember to apply for your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

4. Book your accommodation in advance!

There is nothing worse when you have to stay several nights alone and far from home than staying in a hotel with impersonal decoration located outside the city centre. But this is unfortunately what happens regularly to business travellers because the best located hotels are often full or too expensive and exceed the travel policies of companies. 

As you will have understood, it is better to opt for a short-term furnished rental, especially for economic reasons, but not only. There are many advantages to staying in an apartment or in a furnished apartment during your professional stay. They are ideally located, close to all the amenities you will need after a day at a frenetic pace to have your dinner to go, taste a local specialty in the small restaurant around the corner, or why not do some shopping to prepare a good homemade dinner. Indeed, a furnished apartment will give you the impression of being at home!

No matter where you go, MagicStay can offer you a selection of quality furnished apartments to make your business trip a great one!

5. Make a list of important things and check it the day before departure

On this list, write down the things that you must take with you. The day before you leave, check, step by step, that you have everything. Among the essential elements are: 

– Train or plane tickets

– Flight check-in

– Insurance – health insurance (European Health Insurance Card)

– CNI or passport and photocopies

– Visa

– Your payment methods (credit card, cheque book)

– Booking your accommodation

– Transport from the station or airport: remember to book a taxi in advance or a VTC, if you rent a car, do not forget to book it.

– Hotel contact information (address and phone number)

– Contact details of your local contacts

– Documents, files, USB sticks… In short, all the elements related to your business trip

– Computer, tablet, telephone… Charged a maximum and their chargers (don’t forget to take a universal adapter for some destinations!)

6. Travel light!

We always tend to take too much! Instead of cluttering up unnecessarily, opt for accommodation that offers a laundry service. In addition, light and well-organized luggage avoids scattering. Also remember to cover yourself well or put a sweater and a pair of socks in your hand luggage to protect yourself from air conditioning on the train and plane: it would be a shame to get sick, especially abroad!

7. Optimize your organization

Frequent business travellers have a well-established organization so that they do not have to make unlimited calls from headquarters to communicate their results or the progress of their non-stop travel. Agree and fix in advance with the head office the frequency of your telephone, video or e-mail appointments. If you cannot remotely manage your files at the office, inform your employees, pass on the most urgent ones to them and opt for automatic e-mail in which you specify the duration of your absence and provide the contact details of the person to contact if necessary.

8. Plan for OFF moments

It is often the race during a business trip. There are many trips, appointments, presentations, etc., all day long and you don’t have a minute to yourself. In the context of a business trip that extends beyond a few days, it is essential to arrange your schedule to take time for yourself. Enjoy the services provided in your accommodation: spa, jacuzzi, swimming pool, sports room or simply a bathtub to take a bath, read a book, watch a movie, etc.. In a furnished apartment shared with several employees, it is also an opportunity to learn to discover yourself outside of work, as if you were at home, having a drink in your living room and discussing everything but work!

9. Take the opportunity to see the country!

There is nothing better than a furnished apartment to interfere with local culture. Well located, it allows you to limit your travel and thus leave you a little margin in your schedule. Between two meetings, take the opportunity to discover and visit the city’s emblematic places, taste a local speciality at lunchtime, drink coffee in a typical establishment or do a little shopping to enjoy an original souvenir for your family. And why not even extend the pleasure and allow you a bleisure stay from time to time! Here are some tips to help you plan your bleisure trip.

10. Pick up on your return

It is sometimes difficult to take one or two days off when you return from business travel. If this is really impossible, try to organize your return on Friday, especially when you are in jet lag! On the other hand, if you regularly travel abroad on business trips, it is essential to take the time to rest well between each trip to be as operational as possible!

Finally, before you leave, discover the mistakes to avoid at all costs during a business trip!