To organize a successful professional event abroad, turn to the beautiful Portuguese city of Lisbon. It is now one of the best destinations for a residential seminar. The Lisbons are described as being very hospitable, the climate is good and the city has all the infrastructure to make your business trip a success.

Why organise a residential seminar in Lisbon?

Lisbon is a prime destination for organising your professional event. First, the beauty of the city will surely delight you and your collaborators.

Organizing a seminar in Lisbon is in order given the always favourable climate in this city. Value for money is a definite asset that will guide your choice for your residential seminar.

The city has become a flagship professional destination, receiving the Web Summit. This is the largest European conference on technology, innovation and entrepreneurship, bringing together more than 50,000 companies, startups, investors…

In addition, you can carry out many activities for teams buildings and eat well thanks to the fine but satisfying gastronomy found in Lisbon.

Lisbon has a natural setting that makes it even more interesting to organise a residential seminar. The village of Sintra known for its romanticism, the beach and the Tagus nature reserve are just some of the unusual places to discover. You will mix tourism, pleasure and work by organizing a professional event. After the residential seminar, you can, accompanied by your collaborators, take the beautiful streets of the city and soak up the friendly atmosphere that reigns there.

Recognized by its numerous cobbled-floored alleyways and welcoming neighbourhoods, there is a mix of old and new.

The Tagus, the Vasco de Gama Tower, the watchtowers and many other places and attractions are the charm of Lisbon. On the transport side, colourful trams are mainly used to get around the city. A small town that can even be discovered on foot.

Find the room and accommodation for your event in Lisbon

If you want to organize a seminar in Lisbon, it will be important to privatize the ideal room that will certainly meet your expectations and those of your team. It’s about finding a pleasant place that understands all the technical and other needs of your business.

You have to think practically by evaluating the capabilities as well as the equipment available within the place or the spaces available to you to restore yourself or you

Relax. Don’t leave anything to chance in your organisation of a seminar in Lisbon. Be guided by professionals like Privateaser in your choice of room that will meet your requirements.

To find a hotel or accommodation in Lisbon, you are offered high quality services for business or business travel.

For your residential seminar, let yourself be guided to find the perfect accommodation to welcome you and your employees in the best conditions. This will affect the success of your event. Indeed, if your employees feel comfortable there they are staying, they will be all the more attacking to work on the topics of your seminar.

If you are looking for a place to stay during the seminar, we will find it with the best hotels, apartments or accommodations nearby. The apartments in question are furnished and have a high level of comfort, hence the reputation of this platform in the field of event planning in Lisbon.