On the occasion of the IFTM Top Resa trade show, the start-up MagicEvent presents its Travel Pro Agencies offer a solution for travel agencies to satisfy their customers, business travelers.

Thanks to the Travel Pro Agenciesoffer, partner travel agencies can book directly online for their customers, with month-end billing and a dedicated back office to track bookings. They can also use a white-label site, which is fully customizable (depending on destinations, accommodation ranges, etc.). Travel agencies offer a new way of travelling for their business customers.

Faced with a current accommodation offer that only partially meets the demand of business tourism, where hotels are often saturated at major international events, travel agencies must find alternative solutions to satisfy their customers. Apartment rental offers an interesting choice in terms of cost and comfort.

“More and more travellers have already tested apartment rental on a collaborative site in a personal capacity, and are seeking the same benefits for a business trip,” explains Valéry Liner, CEO of MagicEvent.com. “This type of accommodation saves 30-60%, not to mention the savings on catering or transport.


Meet MagicEvent at THE IFTM Top Resa iftm top showin the Business Travel Village – Stand VA 020



Meet Valéry Linyer, CEO of MagicEvent.com, on Thursday,October 1st at 10:45 a.m., during the conference on: ” Collaborative tourism: a revolution? »,

These new practices, based on the sharing economy, have become a real business that seriously overshadows traditional tourism players. Fashion effect or lasting tidal wave?

He will speak at this round table alongside:

Laurent Queige, Welcome City Lab General Delegate

– Marc Lolivier, Fevad General Delegate

– Marion Carette, President of OuiCar

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