Appearing as a real alternative to the hotel, apartment rental for a business trip is increasingly practiced, for reasons of cost, space and comfort. But for some companies, it is sometimes difficult to incorporate this type of booking into their existing travel policy., a specialist in renting apartments for business travellers, offers travel managers and travel managers a free booking tracking tool.

What are the benefits for businesses?


The travel manager imports the list of all his employees in his Magic Travel Manager Tool space, with the criteria of the travel policy for each profile (maximum price per city, depending on the type of position, hierarchical attachment, etc.). It then records the means of payment (bank card or direct debit).


Employees receive an email with their login and can make their reservation directly on the MagicEvent website.


The traveller does not need to advance the fees, as his company can be charged directly.


The traveller’s supervisor may choose either to be informed of the booking or to be able to validate or refuse the booking.


Similarly, the travel manager can choose to validate all bookings simply be notified when there is an overspend of the travel policy. It can also track all travel, per-employee and city expenses, and invoices in real time on its dashboard.

A tool for businesses to better manage the demand for alternative accommodation

«This tool perfectly meets the expectations of companies wishing to promote this mode of accommodation, and nevertheless to control the expenses and travel of their employees, explainsValéry Linyer, CEO and co-founder of Travel managers can be confident with MagicEvent as our entire offer is suitable for business travel, in terms of location, comfort and safety. ».


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