Launched in 2014, the apartment rental platform for business travellers continues to grow (more than 40,000 listings in more than 70 cities in Europe and around the world).

After three fundraisers, the last of which in September 2015, the start-up reached a new milestone in 2016 and changed its name to MagicStay.

New name, new logo and new website… the design changes but the promise remains the same: to re-enchant the business trip.


A new name, why?

With an expanded offer of more than 83,000 rooms at the beginning of 2016 and adapted services, MagicStay no longer only reaches visitors and trade show exhibitors but all business travellers.

The platform wanted to highlight its professionalism and specificities by adopting a new universal and recognizable identity all over the world. By becoming MagicStay, the start-up intends to gain visibility and strengthen its presence with foreign customers.


MagicStay reaffirms a unique positioning, alternative accommodation for business travel, with a new baseline: “Rest Well, Work Better”, symbol of the company’s primary desire: to offer the business traveler the ideal setting to spend a good night and make the most of his trip.



New logo, new website

To accompany its new name, MagicStay has created a logotype and carried out an overhaul of its website by improving its ergonomics and ease of search.

· The black and white present on the site gives Internet users a comfort of reading.

· Navigation is simplified and selection criteria are more numerous. Thus, the reader finds more easily an apartment that meets his expectations in terms of comfort and practicality (equipment, location, transport …).


It can also rely on the classification of apartments which, like hotels, are rated from 1 to 5 stars, according to objective criteria of comfort. But also, to the comments and notes (1 to 5 hearts) left by the former tenants, all professionals in business travel.


100% Business services, a MagicStay specificity


MagicStay stands out from other booking sites with its wide range of services specifically dedicated to business travellers. The new website highlights all the services offered by the platform:

  • Magic Travel Agency Solutions which allows partner travel agencies to book directly online for their customers, with month-end billing and a dedicated back office
  • MagicStay e-concierge, mobile app to book many services during a stay in Paris
  • Magic Loyalty Card, which earns points for every home booking made on your account
  • Magic Corporate Solutions that allows agreements with large companies for account billing
  • Magic Travel Manager Tool, a free booking tracking tool for travel managers and travel managers
  • Magic Event Solutions to provide professional event organizers with a site in their image and an offer focused on the dates and location of the event.


“This new identity accompanies an ever-increasing ambition, especially internationally, to accompany business travellers on all their travels, from one-night stay to medium-term rental.

We are the first exclusively BtoB platform, with more than 40,000 listings representing 83,000 rooms and we are expected to reach 200,000 rooms by the end of 2016. Valéry Liner, CEO of MagicStay


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