Well, that’s great news! You just heard you were chosen to be the one going on a business trip abroad. An opportunity to discover a new country.

But, there is just a little problem: you don’t speak a word of the country’s language.


1 – Travel with a colleague that speak the local language


Most of the time, it’s your manager that will build the team. And if a person in the company speaks Japanese, there’s a slight chance that he/she will be going to Japan.

When it’s your job to choose your fellow travellers, this must be your first concern.


2 – Bone up on your French


You won’t learn an entire language in one night, we know that, but you can still try to learn some expressions and common sentences. It will be useful for some everyday situations (buying a “baguette”, asking for directions, etc…). And, of course, it’s always a god thing for your relations with local business partners. They will think that you’re an open-minded and polite person.


3. Hire an interpreter


If your company have the money, it will be useful to understand and to be understood. This is even truer during business negotiations, when every word is important. And it will ease your discussions: everyone being able to speak in its own language.


4. Use modern tools


Every day there’s a new app coming. From the real-time translator to the online dictionary. They aren’t perfect but can help you a lot.

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