Alternative accommodation is developing not only in leisure tourism, but also in business tourism. According to the latest MRCC / MagicStay survey of 600 European business travelers, 20% have already booked alternative accommodation and 44% think about it. Confronted with the growing demand of employees, companies are wondering about the risks of this type of accommodation.


Accommodations that offer security guarantees


Unlike international hotels that concentrate business travelers in one place, and have sometimes been the target of terrorist actions, private apartments provide good protection for the traveler because difficult to locate. It remains important, however, to choose a safe neighborhood …

Alternative accommodation provides more privacy and more reliable network security than a hotel wifi.

Some platforms specializing in alternative accommodation for business travelers guarantee a selection of secure apartments, with a list of security equipment, and are mostly managed by professionals or real estate agencies. They provide a personalized welcome for check-in, on-site contact person in case of problems, an emergency phone number, and well-maintained and legal accommodations.


Booking tools to track and protect business travelers


A booking interface dedicated to travel managers, such as Weezard offered by MagicStay, allows to set the company’s travel policy, with city caps and approval circuits, but also the possibility of banning the reservation in certain countries listed as dangerous for example.

This type of platform also allows the traceability of reservations and employees, and can interface with security providers such as International SOS. It enables travel managers to keep track of and contact their travelers in case of an emergency.

Finally legal compliance is ensured, with clauses of protection of personal data and security of information systems, in order to protect the company and its employees.

By collaborating with specialized partners, large companies can therefore offer alternative accommodation to their travelers while respecting their international security policy and duty of care.