For a few months, the word « bleisure » has widespread across the press. Many see it as a new revolution that, soon, should prevail in business travel.


A booming phenomenon


If bleisure is a new word, what it describes is an old habit. For as long as people have been travelling for business they took their family with them, used free time to tour, etc.


What’s new is that there are more and more travelers doing so. You can explain that first by the fact that business travelers are a growing population. You can also suppose that the arrival of millennials into the working life is to be considered, this generation being less reluctant to mix personal and work life.


Companies have to adapt


Obviously, companies are at the front row. If some may have taken into account this new trend, others don’t.

Some fear some troubles with insurances and for their employee’s safety.


That is why offers insurances (included or optional) and warranties as well as our ads list safety equipment in our accommodations.

And much more to come…


Who is the bleisure traveler?


First, you have to keep in mind that every generation, men or women, seems to convert to bleisure.

But women are way more opened to it than men, and the youngest you are, the more you’ll practice bleisure.

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