In recent months, the term bleisure has been much talked about (see our article on this). Seen as a new evolution of business travel, a model that had to be imposed on everyone.

Now is the time to take stock.


A phenomenon that explodes


If the term bleisure is new, the reality it covers is not.

Business travellers have always taken advantage of their travels to go sightseeing, to bring their loved ones…

What is new is its democratization. There are two factors at play. On the one hand, the increase in travel, especially abroad. But also the arrival in the corporate world of a new generation more open to mixing work and private life.


Today, a large majority of the pros on the move have already made this choice. It goes from lunch in the city to a museum tour. See extending your stay or bringing your spouse with you.


Businesses are starting to adapt


Of course, societies are among the first to be affected by this phenomenon.


Some have incorporated this mode of travel into their travel policies.


Others, however, remain quite reluctant to take the plunge. This is for security and insurance reasons.


It is for these reasons that offers insurance to its travellers, a listing of the security facilities of its accommodations. And other services will arrive…


Who is this bleisure traveller?


First of all, if all generations and all genders are conquered, we find that the youngest are the most open to this new type of displacement.

For their part, women are more active than men.


All the statistics can be found in this article:

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