After the tourists, for a few months now, it is the turn of business travelers to be tempted by the new services offered by the collaborative economy.

At MagicStay, we offer apartments, villas and studios for short-term rentals in business cities and close to convention centers for business customers.

After more than a year of existence, it is possible for us to extract certain statistics concerning the consumption habits of our customers.

Average stays

First of all, this mode of accommodation is chosen as a priority for travel that generates several nights on site. In longer stays, the advantages of apartment accommodation become even clearer: comfort and tranquillity.

The search for a certain standing

We offer a star rating of our property, depending on the comfort, location, surface, etc.

And it appears that it is the three-star listed apartments that are popular.

Indeed, the majority of the clientele is looking for comfortable accommodations but at moderate prices.

Group travel

The choice of apartment is not insignificant. It allows to gather several people in one place, each having its own room. As a result, almost 6 out of 10 bookings are made for groups.

The search for space

As we will see later, one of the main motivations of tenants is space.

And this is reflected in their reservations: 62m2 on the ground on average!

A mostly foreign clientele

While many French people are turning to the new economy for their travels, foreigners are more likely to book in France. Europeans are the most numerous, especially from the border countries.

This is partly because their movements are de facto longer.

Specific expectations.

The widespread argument among tenants is the price and savings achieved through this type of accommodation.

Then confirm a GBTA study, our tenants are overwhelmingly seduced by the possibility of enjoying an independent kitchen when renting.

Finally, the surface, as seen above, the space, are essential criteria for tenants when booking. The habit of booking for many having of course its importance in this result.