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Do you speak “Business Travel”?

There is no need to tell how important Business Travel is. But still, some part of the sector are a bit obscure to most of the people. For example, the vocabulary. Many of the words that business travel professionals use are hardly understood by business travelers themselves.   And to help you, or make your coworkers…

By MagicStay 24 November 2016 0

Why videoconferencing will not replace business trips

Business travel… is there something more common in everyone’s professional life? Well, not for everyone, but most of us. But, some say that the time has come for business trips to disappear, as a new way to meet your business partners is becoming mainstream: videoconferencing. Less expensive, less time-consuming, and less exhausting… it seems like the…

By MagicStay 17 November 2016 0

Napping at work, a good idea?

What if the solution for better working, or at least more effectively, was to sleep at the office, in the middle of the day. Indeed, there are countless studies that show us the interest of little nap at work. Higher productivity (+ 35% according to NASA), beneficial effects on health, mood … everyone seems to…

By MagicStay 7 April 2016 0