Employees often need to work across the world for a professional occasion, but a business trip poorly prepared can quickly become a nightmare.

Here are the top 5 of the worst mistakes on a business trip:

5 – Forget the business travel insurance

A medical consultation for a gastroenteritis or a dental abscess in New-York will quickly increase the amount of your expenditures… Each country has its own health system, so make sure to think about the vaccines and the business travel insurance before the trip.

4 – Underestimate the local expenditures

Train, taxi, business meals, the management of expense account for the foreign expenditures requires a permanent rigor. You may check your credit card limit to avoid a bad surprise once on site. Regardless of the payment method used, don’t forget to claim a justification to refund your local expenses by the company.

 3 – Forget the administrative formality 

Be careful about not being at the airport with an expired passport! Check that your passport is still valid for the trip. Passports and visa applications can take few months, so make sure to do everything necessary as soon as the travel dates are validated. Also, don’t forget to photocopy your identity papers and travel documents such as visa and boarding pass, in case of theft or loss.

2 – Book your accommodation at last minute

Booking your accommodation at last minute may turn out to be risky. During the professional events, the price of the hotel room can quickly increase. If you wait till the last minute, you may book the only hotel room available, but also the farthest from your event place. Spending few hours in the taxi is not always a pleasure.

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1 – Not paying attention to the local customs

Did you know that in Russia, it’s better to not smile too much during a meeting, in contrary to Japan? Or that in the Middle East, it’s considered as nasty to eat with a left hand when you share a meal in a group? According to American Express, 74% of the travelers consider that the knowledge of the local customs is important to achieve their goals. A business trip can quickly be unpleasant for the local interlocutor and the collaborator if he doesn’t inquire about local customs before the meeting. Earning the respect and trust from the local interlocutor requires the knowledge of his country’s customs.

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