On a business trip, connected objects make life easier and save a lot of time. At the time to find gifts for Christmas, MagicStay offers 3 examples of connected objects that could fill business travelers geeks!


  • iLi, to be multilingual

iLi is a portable translator. It allows you to translate a simple sentence from one language to another and to transmit it orally to your interlocutor. With this connected object, the language barrier will no longer be an obstacle when traveling abroad!


  • Blue Smart, to make your suitcase smart

The suitcase remains an indispensable item for today’s business travelers. But aside from carrying your personal belongings, it is not very useful and has the annoying tendency to go astray … The BlueSmart is a smart multifunctional suitcase. It is equipped with a geolocation system and an automatic weighing system. In addition it is possible to unlock with a key or through a dedicated application to meet a need for security. And to finish the Blue Smart has a USB port that will allow you to charge your devices!


  • Miraxess Mirabook to increase his laptop

Resembling a laptop, the Miraxess Mirabook is actually a more complete support for your Smartphone. It allows you to manage the workspace of your laptop while charging it with a battery life of 24 hours. If you add its weight (1 kg) to its qualities, this connected object should interest business travelers looking for a way to work quietly while centralizing their data.