Whether you are an occasional or regular traveler, if you do not have access to the business or premium-class, the seat where you are placed in economy booth can have a significant influence on the quality of your flight.

And some companies allow you to choose your seat in the cabin, sometimes for a small fee … but does comfort come at a price?

More or less noisy, sensitive or not to turbulence, quiet, make your choice!

1 – For the space

Whether you are tall or not, the place to lay your legs is an essential criterion when choosing your seat.

Regular travelers will tell you: there are two places in a cabin where the legroom is the largest: at the top of the row, or even between classes, and at emergency exits.

Each has its disadvantages: for the first, you could be at the level of kitchens, or toilets, with what this supposes in terms of tranquility …

For the second, not everyone can access it. Indeed, the companies consider that the persons placed at the emergency exit must be able to help the personnel on board for an evacuation. The passenger must be in good physical condition.

2 – To have the most tranquility

The rule is that the more you go to the front, the greater the calm! That is why the upper classes are there.

Less passage, engines behind, the perks are many.

However, in the event of a crash, the front of the plane is the place where your chances of escaping unscathed are the lowest …

Otherwise, the window seats are the most requested because they have a double advantage. On the one hand you can rest your head, on the other you will not be disturbed by your neighbors going to the toilet!

3 – For those who are afraid of the plane

The simple thought of flying is already panicking you?

As mentioned above: choose the seats at the back of the cabin, these are the safest. Or else, choose seats at the wing level. More noisy, certainly, but also less sensitive to turbulence. And, if that reassures you: choose the seats on the corridor side in case of evacuation.

In fact, the most reassuring places are ironically, the least demanded.

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