For more than a year now, MagicStay has chosen to support the French team in one of the biggest cooking competitions in the world: the Bocuse d’Or.

It all starts in 2015 (September) with the appointment of the French representative after two days of competition: Laurent Lemal. This young chef native of northern France is settled in the Pyrenees Orientales, in Bélestat. His cuisine enabled the restaurant“La coopérative”, to win a star in the Michelin guide. And he has already won many kitchen competitions.

A chef who loves competition, that’s for sure … And it is an advantage in facing the two contests that await him.

A long competition

First of all: the European Bocuse d’Or final in Budapest in May 2016. Out of 20 leaders from the national teams, only 11 will go to the world finals.

If he does not finish first, Chief Lemal is among the lucky ones. And he wins the price of the “Meat plate”.

In this competition he was not alone since his parents, in particular, had been able to make the trip to support him, housed by MagicStay. “A very nice stay with a superb apartment and especially a very helpful owner! “According to the chief’s mother.

Finally, comes the world final. And if he did not win the competition, Laurent Lemal was not unworthy of his place among the best cooks in the world by reaching fifth place and winning the prize of the vegetable plate (a new test).

In addition, his “commis”, Benjamin Vakanas was elected Best Competition Commis!

Well-deserved prizes after 5.45 hours of competition, in an exciting atmosphere.

Indeed, the teams of supporters had made the trip. And among the French troops, the teams of the chef’s restaurant. His second cook, who was staying in Lyon in a MagicStay “very comfortable and easy to access, with an owner easily reachable” apartment.

We were very proud to accompany the team of France during these months and congratulate the chef Laurent Lemal and all his team of coaches.

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