I- Anticipate

Do not hesitate to contact your tenant before his/her arrival. This will allow you to anticipate certain needs and establish a relationship of trust between you before welcoming. If you are not present when he/she arrives, it is important to arrange the delivery of the keys. Often this is the stage that stresses the traveler the most, so try to reassure him/her as best as possible and to be flexible (late hours, etc.)


II- Get comfortable

When the traveler has arrived, make sure to put him/her at ease. For example you can offer something to drink and / or start visiting the apartment. Be pleasant and friendly, the traveler may have had a long journey; fluency in English is a valuable asset for international visitors.


III- Engage the discussion

You can create a good atmosphere by addressing basic topics like:

  • Did your trip go well?
  • Do you want something to drink?
  • What brings you here?
  • Do you need help to find the places of your meetings ?
  • The equipment of the apartment (during the visit)
  • Explain the wi-fi connection, the electrical panel
  • The neighborhood and places to go at night after work
  • A reminder of things he/she can do or not.

IV- Do not stay too long


Stay with your guest(s) for 30 minutes, no more. With the exception of some cases, the traveler will probably want some time for his/her personal and professional activities or only to rest. Do not forget to remind your contact details to be easily reachable and specify the conditions of the check-out (a simple deposit of key should be enough)