The reservation is made, it’s now time for you to prepare your accommodation to welcome the traveler in the best conditions. The more they feel at home, the more pleasant their stay will be and the more positive the assessment of your accommodation will be. Here are 3 essentials points to prepare your accommodation before the traveler arrives.

1. Security:

You must ensure that your accommodation is equipped with all the necessary elements to ensure the safety of the traveler. Don’t neglect to respect safety standards and rules to offer maximum safety to the traveler. Also consider the security of outdoor facilities (parking, garden, balcony, swimming pool, etc.).

Feel free to promote your security equipment in your MagicStay ad to reassure the traveler.

2. Cleanliness:

One of the reasons a business traveler chooses to stay in an apartment rather than a hotel is the comfort of the accommodation and the ability to feel at home on the move. A traveler expects clean and tidy accommodation, as in the photos in the advertisement.

Take the time to clean the rooms of your home and free few compartments of your dresser so that the traveler can store his belongings and feel at home. If there is no washing machine in your apartment, leave your guest the address of the nearest dry cleaner.

Before the traveler arrives, think about:

  • Ventilate your apartment to restore a little freshness to the rooms
  • Check the cleanliness of the dishes you provide
  • Check that no hair is lying around
  • Storing your valuables
  • Empty and clean the bins in each room

Remember that a business traveler will stay with you for a professional reason, so your accommodation must be a clean and quiet place to rest to make his stay as pleasant as possible. 

3. Equipments:

To facilitate the traveler’s stay, do not hesitate to provide him with equipments such as:

  • Household linens / bed sheets
  • Paper and toiletries products
  • Towels
  • Iron and hangers
  • Nespresso machine
  • International adapter for electrical outlets

It is also important not to forget the business equipments that will allow the traveler to concentrate easily and work in the best conditions:

  • Wi-Fi – This is a major element in the booking decision for a professional traveler. Don’t forget to give them the access codes when they arrive or leave them in your apartment.
  • Television – According to a study conducted in June 2018 by the MRCC Institute on the well-being of business travelers, television is the second essential equipment in an apartment. This will allow the traveler to relax after a day’s work.
  • Office – Having an office to work in a quiet environment is one of the reasons why business travelers choose to stay in apartments rather than hotels when travelling for business.
  • Equipped kitchen – More than 40% of the travelers surveyed for the MRCC study appreciate being able to cook or eat in the apartment.
  • Printer – It is also a very popular equipment for business traveler because some of them expect to find this kind of business equipment in the apartment.

Having business equipments can add value to your apartment so don’t hesitate to mention its on your MagicStay ad.