The professional conference is an event that many companies use. Indeed, a real communication strategy, no less than 1100 congresses were held in Paris in 2017 alone.

  • Why organize a professional conference?

Professional conferences are a real benefit to businesses. Above all, they allow us to communicate and exchange on the issues facing their sector. With all the teams present together, employees can think, come up with ideas and even train. They may meet suppliers or players in their sector. A true professional dynamic to optimize his business.

While organizing a professional conference can be costly, such events can generate real economic benefits. By meeting new people and working on its network, it can bring new customers and prospects to the company. The important thing is to know how to put yourself first while taking an interest in the other professionals present.

  • Find the venue for your professional conference

If you decide to organize a professional conference, start by choosing an ideal location. And to find the place that suits you, Privateaser is here to help! Depending on the location of your choice, the number of participants and the budget allocated, you will find a wide selection of suitable venues in the Top of rooms for congresses or seminars.

Whether you choose to organize a professional congress in République, Boulogne or Gare de Lyon, the rooms are reserved to make your event a success. Don’t organize an ordinary and boring professional congress; By choosing to rent an atypical room, participants will remember your professional event for a long time. What’s more, impressing your visitors with a surprising place will send back a positive, modern and dynamic image of your business.

  • Find accommodation for your professional conference

Professional conferences do not always take place close to home and hotel prices increase at this type of event. To help you find the right accommodation, MagicStay is the solution that allows you to have comfortable accommodation near the venue and at a lower cost. Our platform offers you the opportunity to find accommodation for conference attendees and your staff, and at the same time ensures the safety of all.

The main organisers of trade fairs and congresses entrust MagicStay with the accommodation of visitors or congress participants.