Whereas people have never traveled as much as these days for business purposes, their fears, at the same time, have never been as strong as they are now.

For years now, business travel companies have been working on reinsuring travelers by putting safety at the first place of their concerns. For instance, MagicStay.com, the short-term rentals platform offering alternative accommodation to business travelers, launched the Trustay approach.

But, if these services can help, one thing is essential for business travelers to protect themselves: their own vigilance.

Before traveling

The Ministry or Secretary of foreign affaires of your country is most likely to offer many services for its citizens traveling abroad.

For instance, in France, the Ariane website ask travelers to register. And in case of emergency in the country where the traveler is, the embassy will send him/her alerts and safety instructions.

Likewise, the European Commission drew up a “Blacklist” of airlines to avoid.

When traveling

During your trip, you must observe the country’s culture and customs. Some of your actions that seem normal to you might upset your hosts.

For instance, etiquette is a really important thing in France: say “Bonjour, Merci, Au revoir”. And you must not shake hands with your left one with an Indian: it is insulting.

About transportation

You must only take taxis that your company booked for you, or only trust companies that you were advised to use, or known as trustful.

And in countries “at risk”: never use public transportation.

Regarding Internet

First, you must check that the Wi-Fi network is safe.

Second, be extremely careful with your important and confidential files.

There is a good chance that you have access to a safe: use it. And if you are able to: change the code.

Third, never say where you live in “at risk” destination.

Forth, in those same destinations, do not walk alone in the street and do not draw attention to yourself (jewelry, bags, luxury articles). Always check your drinks. And, if you are a man, be extremely careful with women flirting with you, it might be a trap.

And last but not least: protect your computer and other electronic devices. A password is never too complex.

Never use the memory sticks that were offered to you (risk of malwares). And be extremely careful with public Wi-Fi network.

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