You’ve decided to bring your teams together. In ideal occasion to work in common on different cases, build a strategy , etc.

A seminar is no internal communications event


It seems like the perfect occasion to do some corporate speech. And you’re right. But it can ‘t only be about that. You have to use these few hours or days to give to your employees some information about the company. And to do some team building.

So your job is to make it easier for everyone to exchange points of views and express their feelings about their jobs and how to work better.


Surprise everyone with a unique meeting room


The start-up Bird Office offers thousands of them all over France, United-Kingdom and Belgium.

For example, if you want to go to Paris you can rent a bar on the Seine riverside or even a Bateau-mouche!


Offer some real team building time


Because it is not all about working, offer your teams some time to relax and to strengthen their bonds. Orienteering, escape games, etc.

Or you might just want to offer them quieter activities.

You can find some inspiration on our blog to do so in Paris for example.

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