For few months, you have been thinking about it. At first, you must admit, you were afraid of risks and efforts to provide. And then, little by little, the idea made its way. Everyone is doing it now, right? Ok, not everyone, but a lot of people…

So yes, you have decided: today, you submit your ad on MagicStay! But you are still a little bit worried.

Here are some tips to help you make a good ad on MagicStay.

1- Write a great description

When you write your ad, make it complete and true, as you risk hitting your tenants if you lie and it will be felt in the comments. A complete and honest announcement will allow the tenant to know if the place suits him. Do not hesitate to give details that will give life to your home, to help the traveler to imagine what awaits him.

On our site, ads are verified. And if we notice any irregularities, the ads are not published.

In case of doubt, do not hesitate to contact a MagicStay advisor, who will help you through the process.

2- Add beautiful pictures

The first image people have of your property is the cover photo; it must be clear, of good quality and highlight the place. In general, ads that work best are those that cover their living room. Indeed, for many, it is this piece that expresses the best the atmosphere and the comfort of an apartment. In addition, the presence of a lounge is the reason why some tenants make the choice of apartment accommodation. For a traveling team for example, it will be a meeting place and must be pleasant to live.

There are also essentials. A photo of the room is essential, the first objective of the tenant being of course to find a place to sleep. For the bathroom, a beautiful photo of a clean and functional room is always a plus.

Also highlight the peculiarities of your property. Do you have a swimming pool in the garden or a balcony? show it. This will allow you to make a difference.

3- Be reactive

The user experience is essential. On the ads appear the response times to reservation requests. Thus, a fast respondent owner will have the best chance of receiving requests. Likewise, consider updating your availability calendar regularly. It is annoying for a tenant to believe that an apartment is free when it is not …

4- Submit the instant booking option

We found that owners offering this type of booking receive an average of 54% more requests.

Indeed, some tenants are looking for a property urgently and can’t wait for the owner to confirm. With instant booking option, they can book with one click, which makes their life easier.

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