Some tips to help you attract more business travelers looking for short-term rental accommodations in London, Roma, Barcelona, etc.

The tenants have specific demands and needs.


1 – A clear ad


It begins with the title. First, you have to use the location as a selling argument: “ Close to … exhibition center “, “ Next to the Ramblas “, “ A 10 min drive from the airport “, …

You should also insist on the perks of your accommodation, to set your apart from other ads: “ apartment with a view “, “ with a parking space ”, “ a villa with a pool “, etc.

On the contrary, you should avoid using laudatory terms like “ amazing “, “ beautiful “, “ one of its kind “, etc. Unless it’s true. The thing is that you must never mislead the tenant. !


2 – Keep pricing policy in mind


Some other short-term rental platforms let you set a price for your ad. And then take a part of it as a fee.

At, we chose to let you set your price, and then add our commission.


3 – Opt for an « Instant Booking » ad


Our statistics show that ads offering the instant booking tool get an average 54% more demands than others.

Indeed, some of our tenants are in a rush, looking for the easiest apartment to book.

With the instant booking, they don’t have to wait for a confirmation. It makes their reservation a lot easier.


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