Going on a business trip and you don’t know where to lodge? What about renting an apartment?

Here are some tips to do it right:


1 – The location!


It is the most important thing you have to worry about. Especially on a business trip.

They often are pretty exhausting on their own. No need to add the fatigue of transportation from your accommodation to the meeting places.


At the same time, you are more than likely to have to get to a restaurant or to attend an event in the evening…


The ideal solution would be to find an apartment near your workplace and not to far from where the restaurants are, or downtown.


2 – A too big apartment is a thing


There is no point to choose a 5rooms accommodation when you travel on your own. For only one night, a studio apartment might be just what your need. There’s nothing worse than being alone in an apartment too big, it’s depressing.


3 – Co-travel


You are a team travelling? Then book an apartment together. This way, everyone will have its own room while your share common spaces and save a lot of money.


4 – Treat yourself!


Travelling is discovering. Rent an apartment in the very center of the city. Or with a great decoration. Or an unconventional one (like an houseboat in Amsterdam or Paris for example).


5 – Bring your gang


Take the opportunity to come with your wife (or husband) and your kids (or not). Just take some days of after your business obligations. By choosing to stay in an apartment, you can lodge your whole family while you are working and join them in the evening. Extending your stay is a way to offer yourselves some quality time together in a destination you may have never visit.

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