Waiting lines, stress, customs and security formalities, noisy crowd: airports do not always have a good reputation with business travelers. The development of duty free shops and business lounges can help to spend a pleasant or studious time, but some airports play the game of originality to distract passengers …

Luxury at Changi Airport in Singapore

Changi Airport is reputed to be the most luxurious of all. Its modern and relaxing architecture is designed to relax and entertain passengers. People come more often to take pictures than to travel, which proves the prestige of this place!

Zen pools, spa, cinema, lush gardens, interactive spaces … All kinds of original activities that are not found in all airports. You can also sleep in a hotel with a view of the airport runway if your flight is delayed … You can even enjoy a guided tour of Singapore if you stay more than 5 hours in the airport.

Art and leisure at Denver Airport

In the uniqueness category the Denver Airport is probably the winner. The second largest airport in the world is known for its frescoes, paintings and stone steles filled with mystery. And what about this glass horse that greets passengers at the entrance? Subject to interpretation, these works of art attract curious travelers.

The least we can say is that Denver knows how to entertain its travelers. During the Christmas holidays, the airport has even built a 12 by 18m ice rink on the 5th floor between Jeppesen Terminal and Westin Denver International Airport.

Rooftop at Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt Airport is very popular with travelers for its easy direction. Comfortable and welcoming, this airport has a roof terrace in the transit zone of Terminal 1. A 138 m² space called the Open Air Deck will allow travelers to enjoy the good weather and have a break. If you have always wanted to know how an airplane is flying, you can test the ProFlight simulator. In this flight simulator you can take the place of a pilot from his dashboard!

The hub of the future at Istanbul Airport

The new Istanbul Airport will open on 29th October 2018 and is already considered one of the largest air transit platform in the world. It will be able to host more than 90 million passengers per year and will have 6 airstrips where 2 aircraft can land at the same time. A technological masterpiece whose opening is eagerly awaited.

The next showpiece of Istanbul will hold a Yotel with capsule rooms. In addition to the original rooms, the hotel will include a Club Lounge with a wellness center, an atrium and a shopping area open to all. For business travelers, the hotel also offers fully equipped meeting spaces that can accommodate small and large groups.