With more than 100,000 ads available on our platform, we wanted to make it easier for you to find accommodation.

Sorting by“hearts”

From 1 to 5 hearts, previous tenants rate the apartments they occupied. On specific criteria, they give their feelings about their stay.

Comfort, cleanliness, facilities, etc. ; Business travelers express themselves on several points, and we calculate an average rate that we translate in « hearts ».

At MagicStay, we are very keen on the quality of the stay of our guests, it is for this reason that too bad note leads to the withdrawal of the ad from our platform.



We are the only alternative accommodation rentals platform to provide a rating based on objective criteria: surface, facilities, services, location …

Inspired by the hospitality industry, we simplify the selection of ads by our users who thus have a reference to compare our offers to hotels.


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