The current threats lead companies to ensure that their employees are safe and prepared for all risks when they are on business travel. This demand has given rised to a new market that companies specialized in security and medical emergency have monopolized.

The causes :

A business traveler is often required to travel into high-risk areas. With different events such as terrorism, civil wars, thefts and attacks of all kinds, travelers do not always feel safe.

Moreover, such risks can influence the morale of your travelers. This is what we note in our last study on the safety and behavior of business travelers.
For example, hotels are particularly affected. Indeed, hotels are places of high risk, as well as exhibitions which are more dangerous places due to their strong affluence and the presence of personalities.
It is just as plausible to get sick or injured when traveling. In this case, medical intervention is never easy to obtain, especially since first aid is very often crucial.

The solutions:

The growing need for close security and medical assistance has resulted in a new offer. Companies have looked at the subject and specialized in these areas. Here are two examples:

Anticip : A company based on security

Anticip is a Security and Defense Services Company (EDSC) created in 2008 by former members of GIGN and specialists in Crisis Management and Risk Management.
The company take care of the client in his travels in order to anticipate all the risks that it incurs.
Anticip is present in Iraq, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Iraq and the United Arab Emirates. As the French security leader in Afghanistan and Iraq, their objective is to protect their client from dangers on the ground (maliciousness, piracy, terrorist attacks, war).
Next, Anticip plans to open up new geographical and thematic areas such as the expansion of operations in the Middle East or the expansion of its know-how with the acquisition of new technologies dedicated to the « risk management cycle »

International SOS : A company dedicated to safety and medical interventions

International SOS is a company that secures and protects travelers and / or businesses in 90 different countries. It trains employees on their journey so that they are not disrupted by their safety or health. This often involves preventive training against any risks you may encounter or by a hotline.
International SOS is also able to provide medical help wherever you are thanks to a 24/7 telephone service. Indeed, there are no less than 77,000 physicians or security experts available in the world.

International SOS client companies can track travelers who book an apartment on MagicStay.