The French are among the most mobile in Europe with nearly 4 moves in their lifetime after completing their studies. However, if changing housing means a new start, the termination of the various contracts during the move can be problematic. Fortunately, you are given all the solutions to terminate your contracts easily.

Move with EDF, Engie, Total Direct Energy, etc.

If you plan to move, you have to start by taking care of your electricity and gas contracts. In order not to find yourself in your new home without light, heating or even hot water, you must terminate your old energy contract and take out a new one. Whether you want to sign with Enercoop, Eni, Engie or EDF, your move can be done very simply. To cancel your old offer, simply contact the supplier of your choice and subscribe to one of its offers. From then on, the new supplier will take care of cancelling your old offer. Note that in France, this procedure is completely free.

Phone: Total Direct Energy number – ex Total Spring, EDF, etc.

You can reach your future supplier via the Internet via its merchant website or by mail, but you also have the opportunity to call directly to the customer service concerned.

Whether you’re looking for the number of Total Spring (now Total Direct Energy), EDF, Engie, Eni or another energy supplier, here’s the phone of France’s leading electricity and gas suppliers:

  • EDF: 3004;
  • Engie: 09 69 39 99 93;
  • Total Direct Energy (formerly Total Spring): 09 88 81 30 03;
  • Planet Yes: 09 74 76 30 19;
  • Eni: 32 94.

Internet: should you terminate your Internet box contract?

Unlike energy contracts, it is not mandatory to take out a new Internet box offer when you move. In fact, you can simply make a change of address on your contract.

All you need to do is contact the Internet service provider you depend on and let them know about your move. Generally, you can do this online from your customer space on the vendor’s website.

If you want to take advantage of your move to change your contract, just notify the new provider of your choice to cancel your subscription for you and validate your subscription to a new offer.

Beware, unlike energy, Internet box contracts sometimes have a commitment period. If you terminate your contract before the term, you are subject to significant termination fees.

Declare your change of address for free.

In France, it is possible to report your change of address to several organizations simultaneously and for free. To do this, just go to the administration website at this address. This state teleservice allows you to inform directly:

  • The Job Centre on which you depend;
  • The National Tax Centre;
  • The body responsible for registering vehicles;
  • The pension fund you depend on
  • the social security system on which you depend.

For your part, all you have to do is notify the private organizations associated with you, such as the bank, the employer, insurance, etc.