Today at MagicStay, we are taking a leap into the collaborative economy by introducing Jwebi,a collaborative platform created in 2014. This company acts as an intermediary between individuals wishing to send express mail abroad and travellers willing to carry the documents.

This is the very principle of transporting mail between individuals.

How does this service work collaborative delivery?

The concept of parcel transport is simple: do you have a business trip planned? Just register with a few clicks on the Jwebi website and fill in your profile. Then register your departure and arrival cities on the platform according to your travels. Individuals wishing to send express mail to your destinations, will contact you directly on the site’s email.

They will offer you a bonus for the service rendered, that you will have the opportunity to negotiate before closing the deal. This bonus remains blocked in an account receiver until the delivery of the mail is confirmed. Once the case conclude, discuss terms such as time, date and place of change appointment for the delivery of the mail to be carried.

As soon as confirmation that the mail is delivered by you, the bonus, previously blocked on a receiver account, is transferred to your prize pool. You can either leave it in your Jwebi pot or have it transferred to your bank account.

The advantage of a platform collaborative for a professional

The the very foundation of a collaborative platform is the exchange of good processes. In other words, it aims to create value in common between two Parties.

And all this while doing the community a favour. Everyone wins using Jwebi.

The other benefits of transporting mail between individuals

The the ecological dimension of private mail transport is not Negligible. Indeed, taking advantage of the journey of others to send a mail to internationally saves tons of CO2. You’re making a gesture for the planet with every mail transport with Jwebi.

And then… The citizen aspect of Jwebi is a big advantage to use it. An international mailing is often urgent and going through a service such as the Post Office is very long and very expensive. So, carry mail for individuals looking for the fastest way to send a letter, and you’ll be happy!