Are you going on a business trip to Paris on a short or long-term mission? You are looking for the ideal accommodation but between hotel, short-term rental in Paris and apartment-hotel in Paris you do not know what to choose? MagicStay explains what the differences are between these different types of housing.

The differences between the hotel and the apartment-hotel.

While the hotel is a good choice for weekends or very short stays, professionals are increasingly inclined to turn to furnished accommodation for short-term rentals or apartment hotels. These are a first alternative to the hotel,with similar services offered but with some additional benefits. Before you go, here are our 10 tips for business travelers.

The kitchen equipped in the apartment hotels

Regularly on the move, long-term employees or consultants need comfort but also autonomy. If the apartment-hotel can offer services identical to those of the hotel such as cleaning, laundry, parking, concierge, etc. it allows to be more independent thanks to the equipped kitchen and refrigerator it has. No need to depend on restaurant or room-service schedules or go out to eat. Besides independence, it’s also more economical than eating out at every meal.

More space and services more suitable for business travellers in aparthotel

Unless you book a room in a very high-class establishment or suite – which is rather incompatible with the budget set by the Business Travel Policies – the hotel is not ideal for a business holiday. Space often runs out, especially if you need to work. The more spacious apartment-hotels usually make an office available to guests.

On the other hand, if you need to have a few colleagues to prepare a meeting discreetly without being at the hotel bar surrounded by potential competitors, serviced apartments offer more confidentiality. In addition, the aparthotel also allows to travel to several employees because, like a furnished apartment,it usually has several spaces, with the possibility of having several independent beds within the same serviced apartment. Choosing quality accommodation is a great way to get luxury on a business trip.

What are the differences between short-term rental and apartment-hotel or serviced apartment?

Short-term rental has the same advantages as the apartment hotel. Indeed, the studios, furnished apartments, houses and villas, offered on MagicStay allow you to have the same services as in apartment-hotel. The beds are made, impeccable housekeeping and impeccable hygiene, for a serene stay. They also have a fully equipped kitchen with all the essential utensils to prepare food, as well as leisure facilities such as television and of course, a workspace with an office and wi-fi.

Short-term rental for a more personalized stay

The decoration and choice of furniture is much less standardised in furnished flats than in apart-hotels. Indeed, the decoration is personalised, carried out by each of the owners and this accentuates this feeling of “home”. In addition to all the functional equipment essential for the stay to run as smoothly as possible, in short term rentals, the rental companies can make books, board games, DVDs, printers, etc. available to guests. Employees on the move need to feel at home during their many trips, and the small attentions of the owners are particularly appreciated. The city of Paris has decided to regulate short-term rentals.

Short-term rental to travel with several and practice the bleisure

Like theapartment-hotel,theshort-lived furnished ocations are more spacious than the hotels. Sometimes even much more and allow to travel to several collaborators or receive his family to extend his business trip for a weekend or for a vacation. More personalized, more comfortable, more independent, the short-term rental in Paris is ideal for practicing bleisure. We’ll tell you how to plan your trip.

Opt for short-term rentals to get a better location

Hotels and apartments are often located in convenient areas, close to airports, train stations, business centres, exhibition halls, etc. but do not always make it easy to reach the city centre. The difference with furnished rentals is that they can be located absolutely anywhere. This is extremely convenient for a bleisure stay or to visit the city after your business appointments.

Short-term rental: more suitable for long-term stays

It’s unthinkableto go abroad with your family and stay for weeks at the hotel! As part of a long-term mission, a professional detachment, for an expatriation or an impatriation, the furnished rental is ideal to take its first steps in a new city or a new country. More confidential, better equipped with all the necessities of everyday life such as a washing machine, an ironing board, a dryer, etc. the furnished rental makes it easier to integrate. If you need to go abroad or take care of yourself, consider using a relocation agency to help you with your steps. For stays of one to ten months, consider the mobility lease in Paris.

Staying in an apartment-hotel or short-term apartment to save money

In some large cities, it is often difficult to find a decent hotel room at a cheap price. Turning to the apartment-hotel in Paris or the furnished rental in Paris, allows to save on average 40% compared to the price of a hotel room of the same category, and this, yet benefiting from an area of more than double. Enough to respect the Business Travel Policies on the one hand and satisfy the employee with a more spacious accommodation.

All accommodations offered on MagicStay are managed by professionals. Real estate agencies, concierges, apartment hotels: you have 24/7 assistance, available in English and French. In addition, teams can also assist you during the check-in if necessary.