Finding the ideal accommodation for consultants, mission staff, expatriates or impatriates is often a tedious task for those responsible for mobility. But once the accommodation is found, they must also carefully follow each file and settle all the paperwork. An extremely time-consuming workload, especially when the number of employees on missions multiplies. Designed by and for HR and mobility managers,Extendeez supports companies in their mobility projects. Short mission, long mission, expatriation, impatriation, relocation: Extendeez software facilitates the management of your employees’ accommodation and ensures their safety.

Extendeez accompanies your employees on mobility or on a professional mission

The head of mobility aims to organize the missions of his employees and consultants, the installation of expatriates or the return of the impatriates. And for the mission, installation or relocation to be successful, the quality of the accommodation should never be left to chance.

Who is involved in professional mobility and long assignments?

More and more frequently, employees have to go on long missions, either at home or abroad, for many reasons. This may include a maternity leave replacement located in a city other than her own. You can also be sent abroad to train the firm’s local team, or to promote new products if you are in a sales position. Professional detachment is also a form of long mission, as is mutation. Moreover, it is impossible to mention long missions, not to mention expatriates, sent to a new country by their company or on their behalf. Not to mention the impatriates, recalledto their country of origin by their company that is established there. Everything you need to know about expat status.

One thing is certain, at present, long missions are no longer exceptions and more and more employees are able to be concerned with professional mobility.

How do you extend your help find the perfect accommodation for your employees on a mission..?

Employees on missions, even short ones, need a lot of comfort to feel comfortable and safe. Many prefer a short-term rental in an apartment-hotel or furnished apartment to a hotel room. All the necessary facilities available, including the private kitchen present in each accommodation, make you feel independent. However, finding the right accommodation at the right time and at a rate that complies with the Corporate Travel Policy is often no small task. This is how Extendeez intervenes by optimizing your research. You can group all the housing offers you are interested in, regardless of whether they come from Airbnb, Booking, Expedia or MagicStay, etc. The presentation is clearer, more homogeneous, with an identical design for each selected dwelling. What to make your choice quickly and efficiently!

… And manage your reservations?

With proprietary technology, when you choose accommodation on one of these different platforms, Extendeez automatically collects all the information about your bookings contained in the emails they send you.
All the elements you need to manage your bookings are then grouped in one place, for better, simpler and faster tracking. Note: it is also possible to add the offers of housing offered by some real estate agencies or relocation.

Pilot your residential mobility programs with Extendeez

Once the rental is furnished, the apartment furnished or the aparthotel carefully chosen and validated, Extendeez allows the mobility manager as well as the employee to follow the booking process and the formalities that must be completed.

Extendeez optimizes the management of your accommodations from A to Z

Booking, management of the rental contract, status of entry and exit, payment of the deposit, verification of signatures, selected options, interventions to be carried out, etc. each document is recorded on Extendeez. From finding the perfect accommodation to the end of the lease, each step of each file can be easily tracked. Recalls also allow you to remember anything, like getting the deposit back at the end of the lease!

An effective solution to manage expat and expatriate housing

When the assignments of your employees and consultants exceed 3 months, they are then considered long. In France, for a mission of up to 10 months, the mobility lease is perfectly adapted. More flexible than a conventional rental contract, it makes it easier to accommodate consultants and employees on long missions.

In any case, regardless of the length of stay, quality accommodation is essential for it to be successful. So, when it comes to an expatriation or an impatriation, temporary or permanent, as much to say that nothing can be left to chance. Personalised follow-up of each file is essential. On this type of long-term lease, thanks to Extendeez, you will not miss any deadlines and will not lose yourself in the paperwork!

Make it easier for expatriates and expatriates to relocate with Extendeez

Indeed, moving to the other side of the country, abroad, or being back in your homeland is a stressful and exhausting step for your employees. Upon arrival, impatriates and expatriates need to make their mark. To encourage their integration into their new environment, companies generally offer to take care of temporary housing for a few months. With the help of Extendeez, the mobility manager can then offer him personalized and transparent support during his relocation. Employees can easily follow the steps related to finding their home and progressing their case. Note: to allow expatriates the most serene move possible, the chosen relocation agency will be able to access Extendeez if it wishes. Extendeez gives you the keys to a successful relocation.

Guaranteed security with Extendeez

With so many formalities to manage, and multiplying with each file, the travel manager must manage to think about everything, especially to guarantee the safety of his employees and consultants during their business trips. The duty of care is an obligation on the part of the company, so make sure you always know where your employees are during their professional assignments. Extendeez automatically communicates their hosting information to your security provider such as Anticip, iSOS, SSF, Amarante, WorldAware… If necessary, this allows you to react quickly to give them the instructions to follow or to organise a repatriation. Be aware that if the employer breaches its duty of protection, its criminal liability may be incurred. Feeling safe is probably one of the keys to achieving your missions and professional mobility!

Extendeez is a free online software (SaaS model), with some paid options. Enjoy a free trial of the Extendeez online software!