Moving to another city or abroad is not something you prepare for at the last minute. Being an expatriate is a whole organization! And it might as well be said that the procedures are numerous and sometimes quite long. So, to relax with all these formalities, you can delegate some of them by using a relocation agency.

Relocation: what is it?

Relocation does not only mean renting or “re-renting” a new apartment during a professional expatriation or upon his return from expatriation, it is much more complete. Moving to an unknown city, especially abroad, can be a major source of stress. Leaving alone is already difficult, but when you board with your spouse and children, the list of tasks to be carried out to properly organize your departure and arrival is sometimes exhaustive. Fortunately, relocation agencies are there to help you. Their objective? Relocate expatriates and impatriates to their new environment by providing them with global assistance on a daily basis to enable them to approach their change of life as peacefully as possible.

The search for accommodation: the first objective of the relocation agency

The first vocation of a relocation agency is obviously to find accommodation for people in situations of expatriation or professional impatriation. After having collected your requirements and criteria, she will search for you the right house or apartment thanks to her network of contacts on site. She will then propose a selection of properties to visit. However, it is often difficult, due to lack of time or when you move to the other side of the world, to increase the number of trips to make the visits. It is therefore not always possible to move in as soon as you arrive in your final accommodation.

But no problem, the relocation agency will then find you a furnished apartment for a short or medium term rental while continuing to assist you in the search for your accommodation or permanent apartment. Moreover, staying in a temporarily furnished apartment allows you to discover the city and choose the best neighbourhood to live in later. Finally, please note that some agencies may also be responsible for renting or selling your original property if necessary.

Other roles of relocation agencies

In general, it is rather companies that use relocation agencies to help employees in their professional mobility, but can use them yourself for a more personalised service. Beyond the search for the perfect home, when leaving a city or country, there is much to do.

Your relocation agency will then take care of the essential administrative procedures such as applying for visas, work permits, social security, opening a bank account if you are abroad, insurance… It can also advise you on the country’s tax system or for finding a car or a school for children. At the time of moving and moving in, she can also take care of finding and managing movers, terminating the contracts of your old home and subscribing those of the new one with water, electricity, gas or Internet subscriptions, telephone, etc.

The services offered vary according to each agency. Some of them will really pamper you. They can, for example, help your spouse in his or her efforts to find a job on the spot, offer you language courses, etc. Their role is to do everything possible to facilitate your integration into your new city or country of residence.

Going through a relocation agency: a guarantee of peace of mind?

Whether you are an expatriate or an impatriate, getting help from a relocation agency to better manage your professional mobility undoubtedly saves you time, serenity and money. Indeed, by not having to spend hours visiting apartments, carrying out a plethora of administrative procedures or spending a fortune in hotel rooms while enjoying a furnished apartment upon arrival, you can integrate into your new environment more easily and be operational quickly.

How to choose the right agency?

Before rushing to any of them, make sure you get the information you need. What services are available? Has it already organized expatriations in the country in which you are going? If the agency is simply satisfied with the search for apartments and some administrative procedures, go on your way! The objective is to benefit from full support. A relocation agency must be a shoulder to rely on. The relocation agency will be able to rely on MagicStay‘s teams to find your temporary furnished apartment, in Paris, London or elsewhere.

How much does it cost?

Their rates are very variable and the rating can quickly increase depending on the services requested. It is preferable to ask for a quote before committing to one of them.