For those who have a hard time letting go on vacation or those who stay connected all along without noticing that it might be the moment to spend time with something else other than your phone, you are in the right place.


First of all know that disconnecting from the work environment is crucial to fully enjoying your vacation. There is nothing worse than being stuck on a project that does not include anyone from your surroundings when you are supposed to be on vacation with them.


Men seem to have a tough time disconnecting on a trip (only 56% manage to, compared to 78% for women).


The change in pace may take a little time, but many activities can help :

Going back to rudimentary technology can do the trick :


Indeed, some people trade their smartphone for a more rudimentary phone without internet access of course. This allows you to get away from the smartphone screen and take full advantage of the holidays.


Change your interests :


Especially during long holidays, it is beneficial to change interests. Moving from an office to a different environment and going from a phone to a beach racket will help you change your ideas. Seeing family members is always refreshing which makes it possible to get back to work full of energy once the holidays have ended.


Anticipating your holidays allows a mental anticipation of the change of pace :


Preparing your files and organizing a back-up during your absence will allow you to let go and trust others in the company. Moreover, to prepare a message on your mailbox informing of your absence helps your correspondant get ahold of your back up. Therefore, you will not have to worry about anything.

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