For those who have trouble emptying when going on vacation or who stay connected all the way without noticing that it might be time to spend time with something other than his phone, you are in the right place.

First of all know that disconnection is crucial to enjoy your vacation. There’s nothing worse than getting stuck on a project that doesn’t include anyone you know when you’re supposed to be on vacation with them.
Men seem to have a harder time disconnecting during a trip (only 56% do so compared to 78% for women).

The change of pace may take a little time, but it can be facilitated by many activities:

A return to rudimentary technologies can do the trick:


Indeed, some people swap their smartphones for a more rudimentary phone without access to the internet of course. This allows you to detach yourself from the smartphone screen and take full advantage of the holidays available to you.

Changing your interests:

Especially during long holidays, it is beneficial to change interests. Switching from the office to a different environment and switching from the phone to the beach racket encourage disconnection from work. Reuniting with the family is always rejuvenating which makes it possible to leave again after the holidays.


Anticipation of leave helps to mentally anticipate changes in pace


Preparing your files and arreasing a back-up when you’re away from your company allow you to let go and entrust tasks to others. In addition, doing an email informing you of your absence allows you not to make your interlocutors wait and to leave with a clear conscience not to consult his emails constantly.

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