For expatriates, expatriates, consultantsor mobility collaborators, the current health situation is a source of stress, concern and impacts the smooth running of missions abroad. collaborateurs We take stock of the regulations and protocols in force to comply in transport, accommodation,whether it isa hotel,a furnished apartment or anapartment-hotel, to travel safely in the midst of the coronavirus crisis.

Find out more about the situation in the destination country

Whether you are having a long or short term of work, before you start booking a hotel,an apartment-hotel or a furnished rental and take train or plane tickets, visit the France Diplomatie website.

You will have access to real-time information on the situation in your destination country but also on the recommendations and measures taken by the country (quarantine or mandatory test before entering the territory for example) or on the necessary documents to have to travel or to have access to care on the spot in good conditions.

Conditions for travelling in Europe

Since 15 June 2020, traffic restrictions across the countries of the European Union as well as Andorra, Monaco, St. Martin, Switzerland, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein and the Vatican have been lifted. It is now possible to travel to countries in the European area without restrictions related to the fight against coronavirus.

Regulations for travelling outside Europe

Since 1er August 2020, preventive border screening measures have been put in place at the start and arrival in some countries, particularly those where the virus is still circulating actively or very actively. To travel to certain countries, an RT-PCR virological test, less than 3 days before taking your flight or a fourteen-year flight on arrival, may be required. You will also need to complete an honor statement to certify that you have no symptoms of the disease and have not been deliberately in contact with a confirmed case of Covid-19 during the 14 days prior to your flight.

Note: This information is likely to change every day. It is essential to regularly consult the website of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs to keep up to date.

How to access care abroad while on business trips

In Europe, the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is essential to be covered by social security. It is free and its application is made online on the Health Insurance website. Outside Europe, it is preferable to take out travel insurance because health, hospitalization or repatriation costs can be extremely expensive. In the event of an expatriation, you will need to take steps before you leave to be sure that your health costs will be covered once you are there. Everything you need to know about expat status.

What is the protocol to protect yourself during business trips?

Since the beginning of the health crisis, mobility managers have had their work cut out for their consultants, mobility staff, expatriates and expatriates. In addition to all the measures that can be put in place at the time of your departure and arrival in your furnished apartment,your short-term rental or your hotel,it is essential that the employee in mobility be careful when travelling to protect himself and other travelers.

Barrier gestures to travel safely

  • A hydro-alcoholic solution still in his bag It is recommended to wash your hands regularly throughout the day with soap or hydro-alcoholic gel.
  • Have or several disposable or cloth masks on you A mask, whether single-use or washable, must be changed every 4 hours. Compulsory in enclosed public places such as train stations, airports and transport, for long journeys you will need to change one or more times. Also remember to bring a plastic bag so you can slip each mask after use. The right things: wash your hands before and after putting on and off your mask, be careful not to touch it, and if so, always clean your hands with soap or a hydro-alcoholic solution. Note: On the plane, only surgical masks are allowed.
  • Respect physical distance Ground markings can sometimes help to be sufficiently distant from other travellers. If this is not the case, be sure to respect a distance of at least one metre with the others.
  • Opt for dematerialization Airfare, train, car reservation, hotel rental, furnished apartment, apartment-hotel: choose to store all these documents on your smartphone (to be cleaned regularly with a hydro-alcoholic solution) in order to avoid as much contact with paper as possible. For your means of payment, prefer the bank card to the cash.
  • Limit contacts during business appointments Forget hand-tightening, kissing and avoid circulating documents or folders at meetings.

Safe accommodation

Hotel establishments, apartment hotels but also furnished rentals, undertake to respect a strict cleaning protocol between each guest. This is particularly the case with MagicStay: all studios, furnished apartments,villas, houses, lofts, apartment hotels offered on the platform are managed by professionals. It is the guarantee of a cleansing and impeccable hygiene. Highly affected surfaces such as door handles, switches and remote controls are scrupulously cleaned with quality disinfectant cleaning products. What to travel safely be it to Paris, Marseille, Lisbon, Barcelona, Brussels, New York… Find the perfect accommodation anywhere in the world on MagicStay.

Ensure its protection

When you go abroad, your employer is obliged to ensure its duty of protection to you, whether you are a consultant or employee on a short or long mission or in a situation of expatriation orimpatriation. Learn more about the duty of care in the Business Travel Policies (AEPs).

Nevertheless, even if the company takes care of the safety of its employees on missions abroad, the right reflex to be identified and kept informed in case of problems in the country of destination is to register on the Ariane platform to receive by SMS or email the information and safety instructions to follow if the situation of the country justifies it.

In addition, many security operators provide protection when travelling abroad. Extendeez’s online software, which allows you to centralize and manage the accommodations of its employees on a long mission, is connected to major security operators such as Anticip, SSF, iSOS, etc. and communicates in real time the information related to your accommodation to quickly locate you in case of emergency.

Are you in a situation ofexpatriation or impatriation? Discover the keys to a successful relocation.