Frequent business travellers are subject to a sustained pace of life and sometimes difficult to manage. Fatigue related to travel, extended work days, jet-lag, lack of sleep, etc. can lead to a sense of loneliness over time. In an international survey published in 2016 by, 34% of business travellers surveyed said they missed “their family, friends and daily life” during their business trips. Here are all our tips on how to overcome isolation when travelling for work.

Making your business trip as comfortable as possible.

Many travellers feel more or less alone during their business trips. This feeling of isolation can prevent you from enjoying the benefits of your trip, such as discovering the city, hindering motivation and productivity, and sometimes leading to the development of anxiety symptoms or worse, depression or burn-out. To combat the isolation of business travellers, they must be pampered by doing everything possible to ensure their well-being and comfort on the spot. No matter where you go, find the furnished apartment that suits you on

Living in a furnished apartment to feel at home.

Travel managers know that comfortable accommodation is the key to a successful business stay. Hotels are often expensive and exceed travel policies, while for equal services, the furnished apartment or apartment-hotel saves an average of 40%. For example, furnished apartment in Paris is 40% cheaper. They are also increasingly appreciated by professional travellers who are keen to feel at home when they travel. The advantages of short-term rental apartments and furnished apartments are numerous. They offer all the necessary comfort, are secure and reassuring – the fear of leaving your hotel can sometimes contribute to isolation – they are ideally located in the city, close to shops, restaurants, cultural places, etc. Less impersonal than hotels, these short-term furnished rentals are warmer, friendlier and more comfortable. Thanks to the kitchen, there is no need to have an express dinner at the hotel restaurant with your mobile phone, you can cook and dine in peace “just like at home”. 

Keeping in touch with family and friends to boost morale.

Maintaining contact with family and friends is essential when travelling regularly. If this link is easy to keep when travelling in Europe, as soon as jet lag occurs, it can be difficult to keep. In this case, do as you do for your professional life: set up appointments to call your family and friends during the day. Choose video calls to feel refreshed! To be always closer, especially for long assignments, training or consultants who are often on the move, do not hesitate to transform your business trips into weekend stays by bringing your loved ones to you. For example, living in a furnished apartments London is ideal for this type of stay.

Prepare your departure and organize your stay.

To overcome isolation when travelling on business, it is also important to allow yourself time for yourself and your personal activities. Going out in the city to get some fresh air, taking time for lunch and dinner, practicing a sporting activity, all these moments are important to feel good. To avoid spending all your free time looking for places to go out, to visit, to run or swim, look for this information before you leave. Once this short list is established, you will know what to do and where to go with your new relationships you meet thanks to an application dedicated to professionals on the move.

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4 applications to break with loneliness during a business trip.

When you go on a business trip alone, it is not always easy to find company outside working hours. So, to make your stay as pleasant as possible and break with isolation, here is a selection of applications to download before your departure to share a few moments together and take the opportunity to develop your professional network.

Estay: to share your stay.

Business travellers simply need to create their account – you can do this via their Linkedin profile to go faster – before entering information about their next business trip (dates and city). Estay’s objective is to connect employees from the same company or from different companies travelling in the same city so that they can exchange ideas and meet each other on site for a drink, lunch, a visit to a museum, etc. It also makes it possible to get organized upstream and thus reduce transport costs (and the carbon footprint!) by sharing a taxi or a VTC from the station or airport, and why not even by sharing a furnished apartment or an aparthotel!

Invitly: to develop its network.

Created especially for professionals on the move, Invitly also works with Linkedin. The principle? You connect to the application and then you propose an event by setting a date and time, possibly a place and a theme. This proposal is then published on the network, which becomes visible to all other connected travellers currently travelling in the same city. Interested parties then send a request for addition, which gives access to their Linkedin public profile and if the request is accepted, you can then communicate via a chat.

Table4One : to stop eating alone.

In the same spirit, to stop eating alone and meet new people around a good meal, the Table4One application works in the same way as the two previous ones. Professionals connect to the application by creating their account or, once again, via Linkedin, add some details about their job, their professional objectives and their interests. They can then plan their next business trip by entering the dates and destination to receive suggestions for profiles of other users who will be staying at the same location, at the same time and thus contact them to schedule a lunch or dinner meeting.

AroundMe: to have everything at hand.

After locating you, this last application offers a plethora of services and shops all around you. Sorted by category and identified on a map, it is enough at a glance to find a bar, a café, a restaurant, a cinema, a theatre, a supermarket or an ATM, a hospital, a car park or a petrol station… When you click on the chosen place, AroundMe then proposes you a route to get there and shows you the estimated time to get there.

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