In the “Tips for Business and Expat” section, we will present the best tips for making business travel easier. Business travellers, consultants, expatriates or long-term employees: these tips are for you and will allow you to choose your accommodation.

What to do when you travel? How do I choose your accommodation? Can I extend my business trip with a weekend of work?

We will also give the floor to business travelers, expatriates or collaborators on long missions. They know better than anyone the right neighborhoods to live in. They will give you the right advice to integrate into the local culture, choose a short-term rental…

Business travellers: choose your short-term furnished rental in the best conditions.

But work travel can also be a source of stress or isolation. We advise you to take advantage of the experience of other travelers to get to know a city better. This allows you to choose your short-term furnished rental in the best conditions.

Do you have to choose an apartment-hotel or a furnished apartment in Paris or Lyon for example? Enjoy the experience of other travelers so you don’t make the same mistakes in my business trip?

Finally, should the new mobility lease be preferred? How to avoid isolation? The tips for business and expatriate travellers are therefore essential to make the most of your stay, and to be quickly operational to ensure your professional appointments in the best conditions.

For example, you can check out the 10 tips we give to business travellers. Finally, you will be able to choose your short-term rental on MagicStay in complete serenity.

Our furnished apartments are run by professionals, either by real estate agencies or they are apartment hotels. They are located in the best areas of the cities, close to business districts or exhibition centers. We wish you an excellent reading.