On the occasion of the IFTM-TopRésa to be held from 26 to 29 September 2017, the start-ups of theBiz Travel Alliance unveil the innovative solutions offered for business travellers.

The real trend is to focus on the customer experience,by offering ergonomic solutions. The aim is to meet the demand of new generations by offering a more open, more humane, more authentic service. Thus, members of the Biz Travel alliance have developed with more fluid solutions, applications, based on user experience and mobile (which can account for up to 65% of connections for some solutions).

We are also witnessing an open bookingsearch, with more and more companies allowing this practice. “The traveller wants the whole offer, and not just what the GDS can offer him. He is looking for experience at the B2C level,” says Karim Jouini, CEO and founder ofExpensya.

“We first observed a trend towards open booking among the TPEs, but now the big companies in the CAC40 are doing it, at the request of the travellers,” adds Valéry Liner, CEO of MagicStay.

Thus major B2C trends such as the collaborative economy are also expected in the company, whether in terms of accommodation, or transport. “There is a strong expectation of innovation, and I often hear at my appointments “collaborative: this is what our employees want to find in the company” announces Renaud Cornu, CEO of Travel Ensemble.

But safety and cost control remain constant concerns. “Beyond the cost of the security of the traveller, the cost borne by the Company to make its employee travel implies a return on investment. This ROI depends on the productivity of the employee during his movement. Mobile internet connection solutions in any region of the world in which they travel can help,” explains Jacques Deleuze, CEO of Roaming by me.

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