In 2017, Business Travel sector represented 28 billion euros in France and is expected to reach 29,2 billion euros in 2018. With these figures, it’s interesting to observe the trends that shape the market.

Here are the most important Business Travel trends in 2018:

  • Connected travel experiences

As we used to get more personalized and connected experiences in all aspects of our daily lives, business travel is no exception. To improve the airport travel experience often judged as unpredictable and slow, the biometric boarding is actually tested, thanks to a technology capable to recognize facial characteristics and match respective to a picture taken during the process at immigration. British Airways is the first airline company to test the biometric boarding gate for international flights on the Californian platform but other companies should follow this trend. Even if it has a long way to go, new technologies already improve business travel experience with Chatbots (virtual travel agent), locator beacons or check-in with mobile phone.

  • Open booking: more freedom and flexibility for travellers

Many employees want increasingly to choose their own accommodation and airline company and use their loyalty program, without having to go through agencies imposed by their company. Thus, about 58% of the travellers manage themselves their booking. Accommodations rental platforms meet traveller’s autonomy needs in their booking process. 71% of the workers already used the open booking system and 69% observed that the prices on Internet are cheaper than in agency.

  • Bleisure is taking centre stage

Bleisure is the mix between Leisure and Business, when travellers extend their professional trip into a leisure trip. 49% of travellers extend their business trips to enjoy the destination longer. Companies take more and more in count their employee’s well-being and some of them started to create packages adapted to this trend, motivated by the new generation’s way of life.

Find some advices on how to organize your bleisure trip: