New practices related to the sharing economy, including alternative accommodation, create new behaviors for business travelers, including new security issues., the hosting platform for alternative accommodation for business travelers, interviewed 600 European travelers* to learn more about their practices in order to meet their expectations and those of their companies.

18% of the business travelers who completed the survey have already used apartment rentals for a business trip, and 44% have already thought about it.

The British business travelers have made use of this solution the most (24%) while the french business travelers are the most open to future use of this solution (52%) as well as the 25 to 34 year olds (57%).
Amongst the reasons chosen for this choice, peacefulness/privacy and comfort brought by an apartment are the two major criterias brought up first (respectively 51% and 47% ). Close up is the price (42%), then the location (39%) and the length of the stay (38%).

97% of the travelers having used apartment rentals were satisfied by it, of which 57% were completely satisfied. They particularly appreciate the space and comfort (69%), as well as the possibility to cook or have a meal in the apartment (52%) and being able to associate professional and personal trip (52%).Some also enjoy being able to be around more authentic neighborhoods (36%) and enjoy the decor or personalized atmosphere (31%).

For the 38% of travelers who did not consider renting a flat for business, one third simply did not think about it (33% vs 45% in 2016). The other reasons stated were the lack of service in comparaison to the hotel (29%) and the refusal of their companies (21%).

30% of travelers have already felt insecure while traveling, and this concerns almost as much men than women (29% vs 32%). German travelers are the most affected by this sense of insecurity (36%).

To combat this sense of insecurity, the choice of accommodation (55%) and choice of neighborhood (52%) can be a solutions. Traveling accompanied for 27% or using specialized services (such as alerts or specialized hotlines) for 22% can, to a lesser extent, provide a solution.

Half of them would even be willing to accept protection staff, or even be permanently geolocated for 34% (the French are even 45% to accept this solution) or strict schedules with a control (31%).

The majority (57%) travel alone. More than a third ( 36%) travel with one or more colleagues

Unsurprisingly, the activities carried out after a day at work while traveling are mostly an evening out at the restaurant (75%), then shopping (43% where women represent 52% of the votes), then a trip to the bar or club (41%). Moreover, the cultural visits represent 32% of the activities and physical activity comes last with 27% ( the germans represent 43% business travelers who practice a physical activity during their stay). Nevertheless, many travelers assert that resting is important…

Alternative accommodation, security and behavior of business travelers

Results of the survey

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